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Lena Wishes You A Happy (Belated) Birthday 2017!!

This would have been a Wednesday post, but Lena wouldn’t sit still for the correct pose until today.




350th World Of Leonard: Leonard and his Friends looking for Birdies

Leonard, Bart, Mr. Wombat, Grumpy Cat, The Piglet Twins and Miss Calico are looking for Birdies.

Here’s Leonard.


He and his Friends are looking for Birdies.


Those Birds.


Lena loves to look at the Birdies with his Friends.

Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who: Carnival Of Monsters

Leonard the Cat and Mr. Wombat are gonna watch a Dr. Who episode from 1972, Carnival Of Monsters. It was first aired on the 29th of January 1973 which was the TV show’s 10th Birthday. However, Mr Wombat has the video release which came out on October 1997 by the ABC.

Hey, Lena. Ready for more Doctor Who?


Mr. Wombat has the video of it. He has his own VCR.


After inserting the tape, it’s time for the show. However this is a G. I knew it should be a PG.


That’s the actual Doctor Who logo. which belongs to Jon Pertwee cos he started back in 1969.


Let’s start with part 1.

Here’s Jon Pertwee(3rd Doctor) and Katy Manning(Jo).


Here are Vorg and Shirna.


Jon and Katy are with some Chickens. I hope Lena can resist Chickens cos they’re Birds. Leonard loves Birds.
There’s Ian Marter. He’s the skipper not a Companion.
Here’s Katy holding some keys.
Here’s Shirna jazz dancing.
A giant hand is taking the TARDIS away. To be continued…


Now, on to part 2. VHS quality with Delaware music. This is the early edit.

‘Give me back my TARDIS!’ said Jon Pertwee.
Here’s Peter Haliday.


Since it’s the early edit, there is a scene where Shirna jazz danced. ‘I remember that one.’ said Leonard.


Jon and Ian are Kung Fu fighting.
They’re in a miniscope.
Now there’s a Cyberman. ‘You will be deleted’ he said.
Jon and Katy are in a weird miniscope thingy.
Is that a Drashig? To be continued…


Now on to part 3.

‘Doctor, I’m stuck!’ said Katy, as she sank in the mud puddle.
Here’s Jon with his actual Sonic Screwdriver.
Here’s Terence Lodge and Michael Wisher who was later gonna play Davros.
Now, Jon is shrunken in LPS size. To be continued…


Now, here’s part 4.

Jon is back to normal size again.
Peter Haliday is kinda mad. he ordered, ‘SILENCE! the tribunal HAS deliberated!’
Here’s Jon Pertwee abd Peter Haliday.
Vorg is  finding the Yarrow Seed in one of the three brown pods.
Wasn’t that fantastic, Lena?


Wasn’t that creative, Mr. Wombat?

Lena and Mr. Wombat loved it. Leonard gave it 8/10. Very quirky. Two paws up. and Mr. Wombat gave it 8/10 as well. I gave it 8.3 repeating Rubber Chickens. How creative.

Leonard Wishes You a Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Lena and the World of Leonard gang wish you a Happy (belated) Birthday!


Leonard hasn’t had many updates in the last couple of months, and no updates at all for a little while. Lena’s own birthday post was late and so was the birthday post for his friend. So that’s happening today!

When does this Party start, anyway?

I’ve been super busy with work and Lena has been super busy going for a walk, watching the birdies, camping the front door, whinging, eating and sleeping!

Someone is now refusing to wear a Party Hat!


Happy Bir-YAWN-zzzzzzzz….
Bub and Grumpy
Bub and Grumpy also wish you a Happy Bir.. …zzzzzzz

Leonard, Mr.Wombat and Mr.Echidna Present: Little Leonard and Friends visit Blackwood Pt.7 – The return home!

Mr.Wombat is here again to help Leonard present the finale of Lil’ Leonard’s camping trip.



Lil’ Lena and Lil’ Sophie have one last look at the playground, because it’s time to pack up.


Lil’ Lena’s waiting for the bus to get ready. Don’t forget to pack that football!


On the way Home, the cat campers stop for Fish and Chips at the park.


And finally, the Little cats are home again with Leonard, Mr.Wombat and Mr.Echidna. All watching the birdies together.