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Lena Wishes You A Happy (Belated) Birthday 2017!!

This would have been a Wednesday post, but Lena wouldn’t sit still for the correct pose until today.




Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks Ep1

Leonard and his Cat friends are settling down to watch Genesis of the Daleks starring Tom Baker as the Doctor.

Genesis of the Daleks is the fourth serial of the twelfth season of Doctor Who. This episode was first shown on the 8th of March in 1975, which is a little over 35 years before Leonard was born.

Leonard’s fellow Whovians today are Grumpy Cat, Miss Calico Cat, Little Tiger and White Tiger. They’ve also got a special guest today to watch the show with them – Little Dalek!

Leonard Wishes You a Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Lena and the World of Leonard gang wish you a Happy (belated) Birthday!


Leonard hasn’t had many updates in the last couple of months, and no updates at all for a little while. Lena’s own birthday post was late and so was the birthday post for his friend. So that’s happening today!

When does this Party start, anyway?

I’ve been super busy with work and Lena has been super busy going for a walk, watching the birdies, camping the front door, whinging, eating and sleeping!

Someone is now refusing to wear a Party Hat!


Happy Bir-YAWN-zzzzzzzz….
Bub and Grumpy
Bub and Grumpy also wish you a Happy Bir.. …zzzzzzz