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Lena Wishes You A Happy (Belated) Birthday 2017!!

This would have been a Wednesday post, but Lena wouldn’t sit still for the correct pose until today.




Leonard’s Birthday: The Birthday Walk 3

What are you looking at, Lena?

So what are you doing?

You’re going up there now?

What did you see?

Now you’re looking at me?

You’re not a statue, Leonard. I can see you moved your tail.

Ok, this is boring now. You’re not even doing anything. Let’s go inside, Lena.

Someone should make some funny memes and bring them to the World of Leonard offices next time so Lena isn’t so boring. Silly cat!

Leonard’s Birthday: The Birthday Walk 2

The last time we saw Leonard, he was being a tree-walking ninja-cat.

He appears!

Where is he going, in the tree?

And what are his cunning, kitty plans?

Is he looking at me? From up in the tree?

Now what’s over there? Did Lena spot a birdie?



Leonard’s Birthday: The Birthday Walk

Today is Leonard’s 7th Birthday.

One of the first things he wanted to do (after a morning nap, and some breakfast) was go for a walk outside.

Of course, when he got outside, the first place he wanted to go was up so he could patrol his tree!

Then it was Ninja-Cat time!

Where’s Leonard?

Wait! Is that…?

Yep, that’s Leonard. Good thing we can see him again!

Oh Leonard…


Leonard sniffs in the Garden

Leonard the Cat is following his Nose in the Garden.

Lena is sniffing.
Looking for the birds.
Sniffing some Grass.
Is that a Birdy?
Leonard loves to go for a walk.

Leonard’s favourite Doctor Who Doctor.

Leonard the Cat tells us his favourite Doctor Who Doctor, Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor.

Here’s Leonard. He wants to tell us his favourite Doctor of Doctor Who.


His favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee. He played the Doctor from 1969 until 1974.


He’s an earthbound Doctor. He loves to Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow by saying ‘I Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow’.


He love to do Martial Arts, for example Venusian Karate.

But sometimes, Lena can make memes about Jon Pertwee to make fans know it’s popular.

So in conclusion, Leonard loves the 3rd Doctor. It’s his favourite.


Leonard eats Ham in a Box

Leonard is eating Ham in the Box.

Hey, Lena. Are you hungry? Have some Ham. Cats love Ham.
He’s eating some Ham. Hungry boy.