Leonard eats Ham in a Box

Leonard is eating Ham in the Box.

Hey, Lena. Are you hungry? Have some Ham. Cats love Ham.
He’s eating some Ham. Hungry boy.

Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who and The Day Of The Daleks

Leonard the Cat is ready to watch my favourite Doctor Who episode from 1971, Day Of The Daleks. It first aired on New Year’s Day 1972. It’s also Lena’s favourite Doctor Who episode.

Leonard is holding the video release of Day Of The Daleks which came out in 1997. He’s about to watch it.


Here’s the TV Show’s logo.


Here’s the Brigadier. He’s answering the telephone.


Here’s the Third Doctor(Jon Pertwee) and Jo(Katy Manning) fixing the TARDIS computer. When another Third Doctor and Jo appear.


The Third Doctor and Jo are at an unknown haunted house. The Third Doctor is eating gongozola cheese on crackers. ‘That’s Wallace & Gromit food.’ said Leonard.


Here’s Captain Yates. “Jo, how thoughtful of you.’ he said as he drank wine.


Here are the Daleks. ‘Whoever is operating the time machine is an enemy of the Daleks! All enemies of the Daleks must be destroyed! Exterminate them! Exterminate them! Exterminate them!’


Jo is in the future when Aubrey Woods arrived.


The Third Doctor is driving the jeep.


There’s the Third Doctor, Jo and Aubrey Woods.


Jo is screaming her head off.


Now, there on a dirt bike.


Uh, oh! The Daleks are taking the Third Doctor hostage. ‘You are The Doctor! You are the enemy of the Dalkes! Now you are in our power! You will be exterminated! You will be exterminated!’


‘Stop! You mustn’t kill him.’ said Aubrey Woods. ‘Be silent!’ said the Dalek.’Don’t you reliase that you can help us.’ said Aubrey Woods.
Here come the security guards. The Third Doctor, Jo and Aubrey Woods are standing up. But, I could see Jo’s undies. My wife said, “Oh my god. Undies shot.’


There’s The Brigadier and Sir Reginald.


The Ogrons and Daleks are about to do the final battle.
There’s the Third Doctor and Sir Reginald.


Wasn’t that fantstic, Leonard?


Leonard loved it. He gave it 10/10. Two paws up.

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