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Leonard’s Doctor Who Memes

This year is 2018. 2018 means Doctor Who’s 55th birthday year. To celebrate, Lena and Grumpy Cat are making some memes about Doctor Who.

She cant last much longer

Dont drop her

No drop her

Traffic accident

Just noobs

Noob cup

I am the master

Great song

But Grumpy Cat walked away and went back to her box. Leaving Leonard to listen to the Master mysterious tapping noise song.


Leonard’s favourite Doctor Who Doctor.

Leonard the Cat tells us his favourite Doctor Who Doctor, Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor.

Here’s Leonard. He wants to tell us his favourite Doctor of Doctor Who.


His favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee. He played the Doctor from 1969 until 1974.


He’s an earthbound Doctor. He loves to Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow by saying ‘I Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow’.


He love to do Martial Arts, for example Venusian Karate.

But sometimes, Lena can make memes about Jon Pertwee to make fans know it’s popular.

So in conclusion, Leonard loves the 3rd Doctor. It’s his favourite.

Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who and The Day Of The Daleks

Leonard the Cat is ready to watch my favourite Doctor Who episode from 1971, Day Of The Daleks. It first aired on New Year’s Day 1972. It’s also Lena’s favourite Doctor Who episode.

Leonard is holding the video release of Day Of The Daleks which came out in 1997. He’s about to watch it.


Here’s the TV Show’s logo.


Here’s the Brigadier. He’s answering the telephone.


Here’s the Third Doctor(Jon Pertwee) and Jo(Katy Manning) fixing the TARDIS computer. When another Third Doctor and Jo appear.


The Third Doctor and Jo are at an unknown haunted house. The Third Doctor is eating gongozola cheese on crackers. ‘That’s Wallace & Gromit food.’ said Leonard.


Here’s Captain Yates. “Jo, how thoughtful of you.’ he said as he drank wine.


Here are the Daleks. ‘Whoever is operating the time machine is an enemy of the Daleks! All enemies of the Daleks must be destroyed! Exterminate them! Exterminate them! Exterminate them!’


Jo is in the future when Aubrey Woods arrived.


The Third Doctor is driving the jeep.


There’s the Third Doctor, Jo and Aubrey Woods.


Jo is screaming her head off.


Now, there on a dirt bike.


Uh, oh! The Daleks are taking the Third Doctor hostage. ‘You are The Doctor! You are the enemy of the Dalkes! Now you are in our power! You will be exterminated! You will be exterminated!’


‘Stop! You mustn’t kill him.’ said Aubrey Woods. ‘Be silent!’ said the Dalek.’Don’t you reliase that you can help us.’ said Aubrey Woods.
Here come the security guards. The Third Doctor, Jo and Aubrey Woods are standing up. But, I could see Jo’s undies. My wife said, “Oh my god. Undies shot.’


There’s The Brigadier and Sir Reginald.


The Ogrons and Daleks are about to do the final battle.
There’s the Third Doctor and Sir Reginald.


Wasn’t that fantstic, Leonard?


Leonard loved it. He gave it 10/10. Two paws up.

Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who: Carnival Of Monsters

Leonard the Cat and Mr. Wombat are gonna watch a Dr. Who episode from 1972, Carnival Of Monsters. It was first aired on the 29th of January 1973 which was the TV show’s 10th Birthday. However, Mr Wombat has the video release which came out on October 1997 by the ABC.

Hey, Lena. Ready for more Doctor Who?


Mr. Wombat has the video of it. He has his own VCR.


After inserting the tape, it’s time for the show. However this is a G. I knew it should be a PG.


That’s the actual Doctor Who logo. which belongs to Jon Pertwee cos he started back in 1969.


Let’s start with part 1.

Here’s Jon Pertwee(3rd Doctor) and Katy Manning(Jo).


Here are Vorg and Shirna.


Jon and Katy are with some Chickens. I hope Lena can resist Chickens cos they’re Birds. Leonard loves Birds.
There’s Ian Marter. He’s the skipper not a Companion.
Here’s Katy holding some keys.
Here’s Shirna jazz dancing.
A giant hand is taking the TARDIS away. To be continued…


Now, on to part 2. VHS quality with Delaware music. This is the early edit.

‘Give me back my TARDIS!’ said Jon Pertwee.
Here’s Peter Haliday.


Since it’s the early edit, there is a scene where Shirna jazz danced. ‘I remember that one.’ said Leonard.


Jon and Ian are Kung Fu fighting.
They’re in a miniscope.
Now there’s a Cyberman. ‘You will be deleted’ he said.
Jon and Katy are in a weird miniscope thingy.
Is that a Drashig? To be continued…


Now on to part 3.

‘Doctor, I’m stuck!’ said Katy, as she sank in the mud puddle.
Here’s Jon with his actual Sonic Screwdriver.
Here’s Terence Lodge and Michael Wisher who was later gonna play Davros.
Now, Jon is shrunken in LPS size. To be continued…


Now, here’s part 4.

Jon is back to normal size again.
Peter Haliday is kinda mad. he ordered, ‘SILENCE! the tribunal HAS deliberated!’
Here’s Jon Pertwee abd Peter Haliday.
Vorg is  finding the Yarrow Seed in one of the three brown pods.
Wasn’t that fantastic, Lena?


Wasn’t that creative, Mr. Wombat?

Lena and Mr. Wombat loved it. Leonard gave it 8/10. Very quirky. Two paws up. and Mr. Wombat gave it 8/10 as well. I gave it 8.3 repeating Rubber Chickens. How creative.

Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who And The Claws of Axos

Leonard the Cat is watching more Doctor Who. This time he’s watching his favourite Jon Pertwee episode The Claws of Axos. It was first aired on the 13th of March of 1971.

Ready, Lena? It’s showtime.


This program’s rated PG. and it contains Mild Science Fiction Violence.

Here’s Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier.
Here’s Katy Manning as Jo.
Here’s Jon Pertwee and Nic Courtney
Jo enters a UFO.
Is that an Axon?
Here comes The Master. He’s so evil.
Doctor, aren’t you forgetting something?
Now Jon and Katy are in a UFO?
‘This is, like, some kind of galactic yo-yo.’ said The 3rd Doctor.
Wasn’t that fantastic, Lena.

Leonard loved it. He gave this Jon Pertwee classic a 10/10. Two paws up as well, Lena.

Leonard’s TV Time: Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks: Director’s Cut Edition

Leonard settles down to watch Doctor Who on the ABC. The 6 part story is Genesis of the Daleks. This episode was first shown on the 8th of March in 1975, which is a little over 35 years before Lena was born.

Ready, Lena? It’s showtime.
This program’s rated PG. and it contains Mild Science Fiction Violence.
This is the TV Show intro. Note the rhombus logo.
Here is Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor and a Time Lord.
Now, Tom is emptying his Pockets like his Jelly Babies.
There’s Liz Sladen as Sarah wearing her Yellow Jacket.
Here’s Tom and Ian Marter as Harry running. ‘Keep running!’
There’s Tom and a Thal.
And that’s Davros. Hello, Davros. Note at the end of Part 1.
Here’s a Dalek. ‘Exterminate!’
Looks like Tom is asking Davros to negotiate.
Are all the bad men taking Tom away? What are you doing, Lena?
Here’s Tom, Lis and Ian.
Does Tom Baker had to destroy some Daleks?
Next episode: Revenge of the Cybermen.
Wasn’t that fantastic, Leonard.

Leonard loved it. He gave this story 8/10. Two paws up for him.