Leonard vs Children’s Entertainers

Leonard the Cat is disliking Children’s Entertainers at an Op Shop. All of them that is. Except Mr. Wombat.

Hello, Leonard. Ready to Dislike the Kids Performers?
Entertainer 1
First Lena dislikes Franciscus Henri.
The Gitaurer
Then Pete Comb.
Them HD's
What about Those HD Things consist of a Yellow Fiddler, Blue Sax Burglar and a Red Otto From Paris That Looks Like Otto From The Simpsons But Not? They broke up in 2008 due to Chief Wiggum arresting them.
Til at last, He found his friend and Kids entertainer, Mr. Wombat. Well done, Lena. You defeated the Entertainer Humans.

Only one more and then it’s the 200th Blog.


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