Leonard’s Meme Festival

Leonard the Cat and his mates are having a Meme Festival.

Leonard is having a Meme Festival. He wants you to invite.
Mr. Wombat firing his Laser
Mr. Wombat is firing his Laser. Kaboom!
Mr. Troll Face
Mr. Troll Face is singing The Trolololo Song.
Rage Face Guy
The Rage Face Guy is reacting to Little Tiger?
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat is Singing.
PBJ Time Banana
The PBJ Time Banana is dancing with Mr. Echidna and The Piglet Twins.
Smiley face
A Smiley Face smiles.
Tuna and Starbucks Coffee Cake
Grumpy Cat can do Captions.
Keyboard Cat
And a Keyboard Cat is a pianist.
Leonard loves Memes.

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