Leonard and his friends watching Wallace & Gromit on the TV 5: Wallace & Gromit Mania!

Leonard the Cat is watching some extra more Wallace & Gromit on the TV.

Leonard, Mr. Wombat and Tardar Sauce are watching the TV. Note the clay lady is in the Crocodile Pit.
Looks like The Piglet Twins wanna join in for Wallace & Gromit Movie Night. ‘Hey, what are you Playin’ at, lad! This is gettin’ ridiculous!’ Wallace said on Lena’s TV.
Gromit telling Leonard to change the cartoon over?
And so I did. Or was it Leonard? Leonard is watching a Popular Wallace & Gromit cartoon about the robot pants. Leonard thought is has a museum robbery scene cos it’s similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s. Very scary but funny.
Lena and his mates are settling down to watch. While Gromit is on the TV. Hello, Gromit.
Has the music changed on the Card? What are you doing, Leonard?!

Leonard loves Wallace & Gromit.


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