Leonard and his friends watching Wallace & Gromit on the TV 3

Leonard the Cat is watching some more Wallace & Gromit with his friends Mr. Wombat and Grumpy Cat.

Lena tv
Leonard, Mr. Wombat and Grumpy Cat laughing at Wallace getting hit by oatmeal.
Lena tv 2
Mr. Wombat looking at Wallace & Gromit on a Motorcycle.
Lena tv 3
Leonard and Mr. Wombat were amazed at Wallace falling in love with Wendolene.
Lena tv 4
Leonard and Mr. Wombat are looking at Gromit rescuing a little lamb but Grumpy Cat said ‘A lamb wearing a jumper? This is silly.’


Leonard with his mates
Leonard and his friends love Wallace & Gromit.






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