Leonard Explains Wallace & Gromit

Leonard the Cat tells us about Wallace & Gromit

This is Leonard. He’s gonna show us about Wallace & Gromit
Nick Park
He talks about their creator and director, Nick Park.
Wallace & Gromit Building an Invention
He tells us about their debut. In which Wallace & Gromit Invent a Rocket to go to the Moon to get Cheese. It’s called A Grand Day Out. It aired in 1990. It was like 25 Years ago. Jeez.
Tencho Trousers taking Gromit Out & About
He also told us about The Wrong Trousers. It’s one of the most Popular Animations ever. It aired in 1993 courtesy of BBC.
Wallace & Gromit on a Motorcycle
Next is A Close Shave. It is funny. But it aired in 1995. Due to use Green Screen Effect for the first time ever.
Shaun Messy
It’s also marked the first Appearance of Shaun the Sheep.
Gromit Having a Roast Dinner
Things are getting more Popular as They made Video games, Japanese Jelly ads and 2-3 Minute Cracking Contraption Cartoons etc.
Wallace with his Mind-A-Matic
But around 2005, Something unexpected is happen. Everyone is thrilled to see The Wallace & Gromit Movie. It’s Released on September 15 in Australia, October 7 in USA and October 14 in UK. And it won an Oscar since The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave.
Gromit Bit Piella's Arm
And also, Leonard told us about our Favourite Wallace & Gromit Short Film, A Matter of Loaf & Deaf. It came out on December 3 2008 in Australia.
Wallace & Gromit Making an Educational Children's Science Show
They made a Children’s Educational Science show, World of Inventions. It’s also for 3-4 year olds but not just every kid in between. But they made merchandise etc.
Leonard Wallace and Gromit 2
Leonard loves Wallace & Gromit.

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