Leonard’s Treasure Hunt

Leonard the Cat is Going on a Treasure Hunt.

Here’s Leonard.
Clue 1-Bush
Here’s the first clue, a Bush.
So, he got my wife to take Leonard out for a Treasure Hunt with a Treasure Flag. Leonard went to a Bush. And what did he saw?
Clue 2-Window
The second clue, a Window.
Leonard jumped on a Perch and saw a Window. Next to a Window was the next clue.
Clue 3-Clovers
And the third clue is A Set Of Clovers.
Leonard went into A Set Of Clovers. He found the last clue.
Clue 4-X in the Grass
The fourth clue is the X marked in the Grass.
Leonard and the X
Leonard walked to the Grass. He founded the X marked on the Grass. Both Lena and my wife uncover the X. And the Treasure is…
Cat Treats Pack
A pack of Friskes Party Mix Cat Treats.
The Treasure Hunt is setted by Sophie the White Cat. Thanks, Sophie.













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