Leonard Goes Global

Leonard the cat and his mates are at Pre-School. They told us all the Different things at every country.

Leonard Australia
Here’s Leonard telling us about Australia. It has the best Aussie pop star, The Wiggles.
Mr. Wombat Ireland
His friend, Mr. Wombat tells us about Ireland. It has River-dance.
Tardar Sauce USA
And Grumpy Cat telling us about USA. It is about herself and some of her Friskies Cat Treats.
Sophie Japan
Then Sophie the White Cat told us about Japan. It has the Pokemon Cards especially Pikachu.
Lil Bub UK
Next, Lil Bub told us about UK. It had Wallace & Gromit and Mr. Bean.
Elmo Korea
Elmo told us about Korea. It has Psy and his favourite dance, Gangnam Style.
Keyboard Cat Spain
Keyboard Cat talks about Spain. It has the Flamenco dance.
Nyan Cat South Africa
Nyan Cat telling us about South Africa. It has a Conga Drum so that he’ll play his song on it.
Talking Tom China
Then, Talking Tom talks about Hong Kong, China. It has Wonton Soup.
Talking Angela France
Talking Angela tells us about Paris, France. It has an Eiffel Tower.
Talking Ginger Brazil
Next, Talking Ginger talks about Brazil, South America. It has a Soccer game.
Mr. Echidna Germany
Lastly, Mr. Echidna talks us about Germany. It has a K-fee drink in can. His favourite K-fee Ad is the K-fee Car Ad.
Leonard loves Geography Class at his Kindergarten.















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